What you'll need

  • Lots of cream cheese (target 750g at least)
  • Brown or raw (but fine) sugar
  • White sugar
  • Cookies (Digestive, Graham, Speculoos...) at least 500g
  • Butter (at least 400g)
  • Lime
  • Eggs
  • A blender (immersion or bucket are both fine, but mixing by hand will probably kill you)

What you'll do:

For the 🍪 crust: blend the cookies into a blender together with half a cup of melted butter. Add a pinch of salt and the raw sugar. Blend until it has the consistency of wet sand. Now fill the oven pan evenly and compact bottom and (optionally) sides using the bottom of a cup. Bake 15 minutes at 175 degrees until it's crusty. Then take out of the oven and let cool.

Pro tip: if you don't have a quick release pan, just butter the oven pan and stick oven paper on the inside. Easier to clean and much easier to extract the cheesecake.

For the 🍰 cheesecake: mix 2.5 parts of cheese for each part of sugar (you can change the proportions depending on your sweet tooth, just keep in mind cheese is the main ingredient...), a tablespoon of salt, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and zest from half a lime. Mix together using a blender or mixer, then add 2 or 3 eggs (both the white and yolk). If the cheesecake is too runny, you can add a tiny bit of flour. If it's too thick, you can add a tiny bit of cream.

Put in the oven for 40-50 minutes at 175 degrees. The cheesecake should not caramelize, but the top should be a bit browner and the whole assembly should be quite jiggly, kind of like [NSFW comparison].

After taking it out of the oven, cool it for 6 hours in the fridge. Serve!

What you'll get