I've been working as a PM for quite a bit now, which is why I have decided to expand the blog with yet another category in order to include some professional insights and thoughts on what my experience has been with shipping large, complex, highly technical products.

The product management field as a whole is quite sectarian and unfortunately rather full of cargo-cult science. As a technical person that transitioned to PM, I found that unlike in software engineering or statistics - where good results are quantifiable and measurable -, launching a successful product is more art than science. Combine that with the allure of an 'easy, highly paid job that gets your creative juices flowing' (an actual quote from a PM bootcamp school 🤦‍♂️), and you can see how confusing this sector can become - especially for people just starting out.

In this series I'll try to dissect my biggest pet peeves, and provide a bit of background as to what I've learned. I have nothing to sell you - no bootcamps, no books, no subscriptions or podcasts. Just stuff I wish someone had told me a few years ago.

Without further ado, let's get started!