What you'll need

  • Guanciale, Porchetta or Pancetta (it's pork)
  • Pepper, oil, salt
  • Eggs
  • Pecorino or Parmigiano (it's cheese)

What you'll do

For the 🐖 pork: put some oil in a high energy pan (like a wok or iron skillet) and wait until it's really hot. Cut the pork in small cubes and braise it in the oil for 6 minutes (add some red hot chilli pepper flakes for extra zing!). Take the cubes out, but save the grease!

For the 🍝 pasta: cook the pasta in water with more salt than usual. When it's almost done, take out a cup of pasta water and put it aside.

For the 🥚 sauce: mix egg whites and egg yolks (the yellow part) in a 2 yellow:1 white ratio. Add some grated pecorino or parmigiano and mix. Add the seared pork cubes. Add some ground pepper.

Bringing it together: Put the sauce in a large pan and heat it (continue stirring, and low heat - to make sure the egg doesn't become scrambled egg!). Add the pasta and mix it all. If the sauce is too thick, add the pasta water you put aside previously. If it is too runny, add more cheese. After 1-2 minutes maximum, grate some more cheese on top, ground some more pepper on top and serve!

What you'll get